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Untitled Shoot-Out #1 - The Screening!

Friday night I went to the screening of Untitled Shoot-Out #1, or as I like to call it, the Gangster Flick. It was nice to see the folks again. USO1 was a great shoot. Well organised with a bunch of pretty likeable people.

Allowed an hour and quarter to get into the city and was still late thanks to traffic, but managed to get into the lecture theatre just moments before the flick was shown. Andrew (the director) told us just before it screened that it wasn't finished yet.

It looked pretty slick. They were going for a comic book style to the framing, which included things like rotoscoping around some folks, and it looks great. During the shoot-out there are six frames onscreen in a range of colours, one for each of the gangsters ,and we each fade out as we get gunned down. Verra cool.

I also discovered I don't like watching myself in anything serious. A few people said I looked really mean, I thought I looked vacant and short-sighted. The only complaint any of us had was that you didn't get to see some of the more dramatic deaths. Alex flying backwards for one. My knees were still sore a week later (from dropping to them as I got shot, you filthy buggers) and of course that's not in the finished flick. But that's just us being whiny wanky actor types, the flick looks great. Pain is temporary, film is forever *grin*

Got my copy of the DVD (Andrew said he'll send out the finished version when it's done) and then we all went down the pub. Managed to chat with most of the folks, including getting time to thank Anika and Chris properly for how wonderfully organised everything was. The actors were only on set for when they were needed to be, so waiting around was minimised for us all. It was great. Managed to chat with Mark and Radha about Serenity, too :)

Later, while chatting to Chris, I found out that he'd heard of me. Seems he knows a few SF fans and they knew me. I didn't recognise their names, but that's normal with my memory for names. If I saw a photo of them I'd probably know them. Chris asked what I thought of the little caricature of me on the cover - I loved it. He got my eyebrows all evil looking. Yay! Look for the illo, coming soon, as a new icon.

Took my DVD home and after hooking up the TV and such the next day, looked at it several times, watching each person's frame and fade-out. Still thought I was crap, but didn't look so bad once I had a gun and was started shooting people. Mum liked it.

Below is a photo of Anika from the shoot. I thought I'd put this up, but realised I hadn't simply because it doesn't do her justice. She's a good looking lady, but lighting, my shaky camera work and the stresses of Assistant Director don't show her at her best. However, she was good part of the reason everything went so smoothly and I'd just like to thank her again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As for Chris, well, he got his mug up last time :P
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