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Four Unexpected Things

- The highly erotic/sadistic piece of the dream sequence in the 1941 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Spencer Tracy. Otherwise, the film was mostly average, though Tracy's performance was good, and there was an interesting variation on the multiple fade change near the end. They superimposed his eyes separately so while the rest of the shot had the normal fade issues, his eyes remained mostly static.
Quite clever, as we tend to look at the eyes.

- Lex slept last night from 9pm until 9:30 this morning. Generally five to six hours is a really good night!

- Finding the original computer game Fallout for $15.

- I did a stocktake, and discovered I have $11,000 (retail) of Doctor Who toys and DVDs to sell. Given that chunk of my stuff is imported, and I don't charge huge mark-ups, that's kind of amazing. That doesn't count the couple of things I have to send to people where it's been delayed due to baby/house-cleaning/health issues.
Before the stocktake, I thought I probably had about $5K in stock. There's another twelve hundred worth of other DVDs and toys.
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