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Quick points

* Between Lex and selling stuff, I've had bugger all time to post. So here are a bunch of things I wanted to do proper posts about.

* Been doing some personal work. One benefit seems to be that I'm having an easier time reading. I've read two books in the last month! Have to see if it lasts.

* Seeing the Aussie meme grow and change is interesting. But seeing it bandied about as "How Australian are you?" and variations thereon is truly sickening. The point was to have a checklist of things that mainly Aussies could mark off, with one or two things to hopefully make them think, not lord Aussie-ness over others.

* Question 15 of the meme resulted in my being called a racist, amongst other things. That's okay, because I think assuming that everyone has spoken to aboriginals because you have is arrogant, and that was the tone of many (not all) of the complaints.
This is a general comment, not aimed at any specific person.

* Finally, while I agree with the comments that people aren't something to be ticked off a checklist, to me if one person came away seriously questioning why they'd never spoken to an aboriginal, then it was worth having in.

* Lex has started to become ticklish. After months of interruptions to so many things, it's nice to have a way to get him back ;-)

* Working through my Superman box set I started with Superman 3 & 4, as I remembered them as being pretty bad and wanted to get them out the way. They were actually worse than I remembered, and I need never watch them again.

* The deleted scenes on Superman 4, with the Nuclear Man prototype, just shows how right they were to cut all that footage. The film would have been even worse if it had been left in.

* The Richard Donner cut of Superman 2 is a huge improvement.

* The Writer's Tale, by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook, is one of the best books on writing I have read. Given how much trouble I have reading, I couldn't put this book down. It was one of the things that inspired me to try and relearn writing.

* The Greatest American Heroine is one of the worst pieces of TV I have ever seen. I almost switched it off, and goodness knows, I've been able to sit through some crap in my time. Poor writing and a dreadful lead actress, brrrr...

* I found Quantum of Solace a disappointing sequel in some ways, not helped by the forced action ending.

* I discovered, quite by chance, that I rock!

* Rewatching season 4 of Doctor Who only reinforced my opinion that Donna is one of the very best companions is the series' 45 year history.

* Most of my customers this year have received copies of the audio of Marco Polo with the stuff they bought. I enjoyed doing that as a surprise Christmas bonus.

* Last year I was able to buy linen pants from one of the cheaper department stores. I can't find them anywhere this year, very disappointing.

* I didn't end up playing Father Christmas this year, which was kind of a shame, but unavoidable with looking after Lex. However I did get a family photo with Santa, so that's alright.

* I am considering dressing unusually for every Christmas photo with Santa to come. This one Sharon complained about me wearing what she calls my 'pimp coat.'

* Roadshow are still slow and incompetent. I'm still waiting on DVD's I should have received at the start of this month.

* We cashed in some of our credit card points, so I finally got a GPS for those times when I get too tired to be able to read a map. It's an interesting device, but I still enjoy finding my own route.

* Getting lost also has its own special charms.

* Rewatched I, Claudius and it was even better the second time around. I think it's going to become a series I watch yearly.

* Mum got me season 1 of Rome. I am looking forward to watching it.

* Have finished swimming for the year. I can actually breathe occasionally during freestyle now. I will miss Sahgee, Satinder, Vivian, and Paul over the break.

* Rewatched Treasure of the Sierra Madre which is a fabulous character study.

* I haven't finished the decorations on the black Christmas tree, but it has many flashing lights, and a skull placed on top.
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