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Well, the improbability drive works

So, I had a very busy day. And in amongst my busy day, a run of chance coincidences lined up that is kind of awesome.

Being a wet day, and surprisingly cool, I had a jumper and my coat on. I quickly found that it wasn't actually that cool, and pushing the pram was keeping me more than warm enough. In fact, I was getting hot. So while in the bank I removed the jumper, threw the coat back on and got on with stuff.

After the bank, I steered us into the small shopping centre with the Donut King. We all love their hot fresh cinnamon doughnuts. A young guy served me, we chatted a little, he went off to organise the doughnuts.

Things got busier, and while he was dealing with the other customers, one of the girls working there started chatting to me. In the midst of our friendly small-talk, she commented on my t-shirt, asking if that was the Continnum in Melbourne that had Neil Gaiman at it. I said yes, and she said 'Oh I really wanted to go to that, but I was in hospital and couldn't.'

Turns out she's a massive SF fan. I mentioned that Neil may make it down for WorldCon in 2010, but she'll be in Japan, studying. So gave her a card, and told her if she wrote to me I'd fill her in on other SF stuff happening in Australia. And she was over the moon.

Will have to wait and see if she writes, but I just love how things lined up. I was actually wearing a C2 t-shirt. If I'd been wearing a C3 one, she wouldn't have seen the name, and so wouldn't have asked. If I hadn't over-heated and taken off my jumper, once again, she wouldn't have seen the name. I had to catch her on one of her shifts, and I was going to Belconnen, and would normally have bought the doughnuts there, I just decided to get them early. And if the guy hadn't gotten so busy, she wouldn't have needed to come and deal with me in the first place.

Isn't life awesome?!
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