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Spectacular tantrum

So, yesterday we were at Belconnen and I got to sit and watch a really amazing tantrum. Not sure how old the boy was, but he was a fair size. No idea what it was about - I think he didn't want to go into the supermarket with his mum.

Anyway, there was the screaming, the tears, the throwing himself onto the floor, making himself oh-so-heavy any time his mum tried to physically move him. After at least five minutes of this, his mum gave up on trying to reason with him, and trying to drag him by the hand. She started trying to physically pick him up and carry him.

It was a slow, painful process, not to mention amusing because it wasn't me. She's lift him and get maybe one step before he would throw his weight down so that he slid from her arms to the floor. Then she'd pick him up again and get another step. He was screaming and yelling the whole time.

She got him over near the supermarket, then realised she wasn't near the entrance where you walk in. It was at this point where, just once in amongst all his "IIIIIIIIiiiiii don' waaaannnnnnaaa," and "NNNNNNNNnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo!" that he came out with "Fuuucking biiiiiiiitch!" He then returned back to the rest of his screaming.

She kept going, one step at a time, trying to get him to the entrance. Pick-up, take step, pick-up, take step... then he got completely out of her arms, and threw himself on the floor, pressing himself up against a supporting column. This time, as she tried to move him, he started yelling for help, and when that didn't work, tried something different.

"Haaaalp! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaalp! Haaaaalp!" Brief pause then - "Raaaape! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!"
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