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Things New Parents Should Know #21 - The Game

If you are sharing the care duties of your child with someone else, you will start to play The Game. You can't help it, even if you don't want to, you will keep hoping for the other person to lose. Not beacsue you hate them, but the alternative is you losing.

The game is called Russian Poo-lette, and the rules are simple. Every time you get a non-pooey nappy, you're relieved. That relief then turns to the hope that the other person will be the one to get the pooey nappy. Naturally, they are thinking the same way.

The game has really come into its own in recent weeks since Lex has become a one poo a day baby. It's virtually always a huge, nappy-breaching monster of a dump, and every wet nappy I get brings the chances closer that Sharon will be the one to get Poozilla. But you can't rely on that.

Sometimes they miss a day... and then all you can do is wait with dread in your heart.
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