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40th Birthday Present Pics Day 3

It's taken a couple of months, but I've finally gotten around to sorting the pictures from my last day on the train to Perth. A trip which was paid for by many of the people who read this LJ, so thank you once again.

Follow the links to see pictures from days one and two.

This day was the most interesting for me, because I got to stop at Cook, a town I've never been to. Yay!

Cook! It has a population these days of about four or five people. I could live in Cook.

Yes, this is their swimming pool.

In 1997 when the railway line was privatised the town was essentially shut down, the new owners feeling they didn't need a support town there.

View from the schoolhouse.

These were Cook's two original jail cells.

The land around the twon is like this in every direction.

Bendy train corridors!

The fun switch!

One of the other stations on the route. Most were named for Aussie Prime Ministers.

The dining car. I love the look of this carriage!

And finally the Kalgoorlie Super-Pit at night.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. At some point I will be doing it again :)
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