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Not totally useless then...

Let's see now...

So, yesterday was looking after Lex, and trying to sort and rearrange files and such between feeds, etc. In the evening I rode the 5km to Belconnen (in 30 degree heat - the car is having the rear springs replaced) so I could do my swimming lesson for that night. Reasonably full-on lesson, followed by a lovely, sunset-lit ride home that almost killed me. I wasn't up to much when I got home, but spent the evening rearranging computer files. Put nappies on to soak.

Crawled into bed at 1am. Lex woke several times through the night.

Got up, set wash cycle running. Fed, changed, played with and put down Lex. Continued sorting files, started to make two loaves of bread (my first since Lex has been around as a fully interactive presence).

Mum took the baby washing out to the line (Thanks mum!). Between sorting more files and continuing the bread-making stages, and dealing with Lex, put on another load of washing which mum also took out for me (thanks times two!).

Dishes are done bar a final rinse, now into final phase of letting bread rise before I chuck it in to bake. Oven is heating up so we can do tea, then I'll use it for the bread. The computer is working away at formating a hard drive, and I have only just realised that I've only drunk half a litre so far today. Time to fix that.

I was already buggered from last night's swimming and riding. Today has really killed me and I was terribly grateful when the mechanic said he was still waiting on a part so I'd have to collect the car tomorrow.

Even knowing how much I've improved and how hard I find simple things sometimes, I get awfully down on how little I can get done, and very annoyed with myself. Unfairly so, knowing full well that I would give another person in the same situation a lot more leeway. So that's the point of this post I guess, just to remind myself that I do get things done, and I'm not completely useless. And no, I'm not fishing for compliments, just relating how my mind works.

All that said, I'll probably concentrate on only looking after Lex for the next couple of days.

Nachos tonight!
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