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The last three to four months have been different for me, dream-wise. I rarely ever remember my dreams, but over the previous few months, I've remembered quite a few, and all bar one have been sexual in nature.

Remembering dreams = unusual.
Remembering sex dreams = like hens teeth.

Rarely a week has gone by without at least one. What has been especially interesting is that each dream has involved someone different. It's like my subconscious has reacted to the lack of orgasms in my life by working it's way through my friends. The exceptions have been notable only in that few of them are the people I'd really like to sleep with. Not to say some of the others aren't in the phwoar category.

The one non-sex dream I had? I was in Broken Hill and dreamed that just before leaving on the trip I'd seen a brief mention on LJ (which I hadn't even really been skimming since Lex came along) that suggested the possibility that harveystoat might have died.

I spent a chunk of the day going through LJ and Facebook looking for any mention to establish what I was sure of - that John was still alive. Took a while, but found something just before I was going to be forced to ring him.

Dude, you so need to post more often!
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