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The Adventures of Strokeboy and Lex Pt. 1

So, Thursday and Friday were my first days home with Lex while Sharon went to work. Shaz has it arranged so that she has a couple of half-weeks to start, so she has time to ease back into work, and the extra days at home in case there are other issues we didn't expect.

Both days went well. Thursday was a big one, needing me to figure out mum's banking, take her to the bank, and to do a bit of shopping... which means putting Lex in the car, take him around to the various shops, etc. Fed him before we headed out and did all the jobs that had to be done over a couple of hours, and got him home just as he was getting grizzly and needing his next feed. The rest of the day was getting over the trip out, and dealing with the boy, which all went well.

Friday I had thewickerman586 coming over for some good chat and movie watching before he pisses off to the UK for a couple of years. We got the good chat in, and he got to see Street Trash and The Specials, while I got to see chunks of them between feeding, changing wet nappies, and settling. Once I was dealt with, I did the same for Lex ;-)

So Friday was a day of socialising, something which tends to drain me fairly quickly, and looking after Lex. Thursday was just a hectic morning out, trying to race things through and get home. And all up, both went quite well. Oh, they both left me wrecked, but that's what I was expecting, I took the chance to sleep myself during one of Lex's sleep sessions because I wouldn't have gotten through otherwise. And my stamina has definitely improved since Lex came into the world, and I hope it will continue to do so.

So, the tally at the end of our first two days -
Danny - alive
Lex - alive

I think that's a pretty good start!
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