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It was a slightly quiet, frustrating and disorganised day, but the night was good. Shaz and I took a load of video tapes to mum's (I've got 750 or so into the spare room so far... just a few more to go! Glad I'm cutting down the collection), I put those away and did a little sorting and then Bernadette rocked up, followed shortly afterwards by Tiki.

For those who don't know, Bernadette is my biological mum. She's kinda cool, and I don't see her anywhere near as often as I'd like. But I don't see a lot of people as often as I'd like, including my favourite Auntie, so there you go.

The five of us sat around, ate pizza and generally talked away. It was nice, quiet and relaxed, which was all I wanted. We talked about a few different topics and I actually caught up a little on family medical history. Seems like they live a long time on Bern's side of the family. My benchmark has always been the males in my real family, who die by 60. That's still hardwired in, but the thought that I may make 80 or 90 is nice... well, so long as my brain doesn't melt and run out my ears before then.

Bernadette also brought around a cake from Myer, which was delicious. Utterly yummy.

All up it was a great night. I can think of three other women that, in an ideal world, I would have had there, which includes my favourite Auntie, and of course I would have given my left arm* to have dad there. But all in all I was happy.

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Bernadette (Bio-Relative), Tiki (General Relativity), Me (Relatively Happy), Sharon (Relatively Married) and Lola (Relatively Concerned by the camera that talks).


* Well, I wouldn't give the right one - My Daddy didn't raise no fool
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