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Busy, good, and bad

The last week has ended up being all sorts of crazy and busy, but mostly good crazy and busy, with the only negative being a grizzly baby some of the time. And that's counter-acted by the fact we're getting some smiles scattered about here and there, which is nice. Hence no posts.

The last 24 hours, however, has been craptacular! Roadshow dicked me about with my order, changing the price of one of their reduced DVDs, but that's normal for them. The good side is at least I'll be getting them sometime soon-ish.

I lost my wallet on the way back from the Post Office yesterday. No sign of it yet. Losing the $50 in it is still less annoying than if I have to replace all the cards. Have just come back from putting up signs and asking at the Kaleen shops to see if it had been handed in. The good side was I got to ride my trike, and got to wear my skeleton socks, so not all bad. And as I said to Sharon, if I've lost this one I'll have to buy a new one with room in it for photos of my wife and son.

I'm behind on my preparation for the panels/items I'm doing at Conflux. Yes, I can talk about this stuff off the cuff better than some people who have prepared, but I think an over-reliance on just knowing your topic and not doing a bit of brushing up beforehand shows an essentially arrogant and lazy attitude. And if you're too lazy to do the work, why are you wasting people's time being on the panel? But the good side is, I'll get to talk Doctor Who, do trivia, do Magical Hat, and catch up with some people for the few hours I'm there on my panel passes. And I still have time to go over my notes before the con at this point.

Funtastic have chosen not to honour the remainder of my order for Classic Series Doctor Who figures. Basically, it doesn't matter that I have an order with them, they have pulled the remainder of my stock (and everyone else's) to put aside for Myer, Roger David, or one of the other big guys that didn't bother to order this stuff six fucking months ago, unlike the rest of us!

There is no good side, I'm fucking furious.

I do at least have enough figures put aside for those that ordered them, so no problem there, just been too flat chat to process them.

If anyone can tell me how I would go about sending an email to Funtastic's stockholders, I'd appreciated the information. Funtastic's stock have dived in recent times, and this sort of behaviour can't help. I would like their stockholders to know how they dick about the people giving them money.

The Voyage of the Damned Gift Sets got pulled in much the same way for one of the big companies. Six months later, they have obviously decided that they don't want them and the sets are now available again. In fact, virtually all the units that were pulled are back. So now there's a huge excess of old stock... still at the original price! Why would I want to buy them? Anything like this I really wanted to sell, I've sourced from overseas to fill my orders. I had to charge more, but at least I had the stock.

I don't expect it to do any good, but I'm ringing Character Options in the UK tonight to beg them to find another Australian distributor.
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