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40th Birthday Present Pics Day 2

Day two of the trip...

Dawn from the window of our bed. There are no pictures of the room because trying to take shots in such a small space was kind of pointless. But we got to lay around together a lot, which was lovely.

Top of an old mine working on the way into Broken Hill. The guys who started BHP began in this town. They were all ordinary people who suddenly found themselves rich. Wondering what to do with their wealth, they decided to become art partrons. Broken Hill has tonnes of art and art galleries because of them. It's fabulous.

During our brief stopover in Broken Hill, we got to visit the RFDS. It's a very cool tour.

Some of the early communication equipment in their small museum.

A closer view of the 1931 morse code keyboard. I figure andrewmacrae may appreciate that one.

A shot from the hanger. The sheer area these folks have to cover is staggering. Depending on how busy the day is, if I need help on the Nullabor, a plane from this hanger may come to my aid.

Another hanger shot, three photos stitched together. Click the image to see the giant full-sized 600kb picture.

Okay, the RFDS does a lot of good work, but the government only covers about a quarter of their costs - the rest comes from donations, bake-sales, raffles, and other fundraisers. So, why not donate? Donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Mining supply building on the way out of twon.

The ouskirts of Broken Hill as we continue west.

Compare this landscape with the previous day. I love the variety of this continent.

Just one of the tiny little towns one passes on the trip.

Last set of train pictures tomorrow!
One of the pics was coming up fine, then stopped. Will check back later today and if it's not showing again will replace it.
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