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Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. acting:
    Not so much acting as entertaining in general, and I find acting to be a part of that. When I write I often talk the characters dialogue, mainly because that way it feels real and I quickly spot what doesn't work. I'm enjoying a tiny acting career at the moment in student films. They seem to like me :)
  2. art deco:
    I love interesting architecture in general, and art deco in particular. I love the lines of it, it's bold and big, it wants to be seen and admired as art, not just a building or object.
  3. aztec:
    Based in part on their architecture, but also the whole culture is of interest to me. Kind of hard to some up. You may as well ask why some people like one particular footy team over another. I just like Aztec, Mayan, South American art and culture.
  4. characters:
    They are what make many films, books, comics, etc. worth dipping into. An interesting and well rounded character will keep my interest through a crap story.
  5. cult tv:
    Lots of old British stuff here, but a bit of the rest of the world, too. Blake's 7, The Prisoner, Sapphire and Steel, Prey, Angel, Brimstone, Lock Stock, Young Ones, Lexx, Twilight Zone, The Nightstalker (original)... They all have touches of brilliance.
  6. firefly:
    Let's see... good writing, great characters, and it's a cult show... what's not to like?
  7. goth:
    I love the look. Wonderfully stylish, stark and baroque. Goth girls often make me melt.
  8. music:
    I love a huge range of stuff, from original tribal sounds to cutesy pop stuff. The Residents, Big Pig, Garbage, the KLF (Jamms, Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) are just a few of my favs. Negro spirituals / working songs, humourous, heavy metal, rock, (some) new age... If a piece gets my body moving, I'm happy.
  9. photography:
    I've always loved good photography, but since my visual memory started to fade and I got my digital camera, I've been snapping away like mad. I can often pick a good shot, though that doesn't mean I can capture it. I prefer to make use of the ambient light rather than use a flashe, even if it means I have to 'pump up' the picture later, and I love to use shadow, light, filmgrain and skin to compose to picture.
  10. snuggling:
    Love spending hours in bed with someone I like, cuddling and talking. It can be affectionate and loving without being a relationship or a sex thing. It's also a great way to really get to know someone. Up close and holding one another, a lot of the barriers drop and you see the real person and all their frailties. I like real people.

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