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Four weeks of Lex!

Lex after we brought him home from the hospital. The hat was okay when we left!

Heellllloooo, ladies! One week old and lookin' good!

Baby/Belwood size comparison. I photoshopped myself out of the pic.

I didn't crop this, it just turned out that way. Of course, with modern sensibilities, if you like this photo you're probably a paedophile.

Being two weeks old is verra tiring...

If only I had been born earlier, I could have cuted for Australia in the Olympics!
Three weeks old.

Take the money! Just don't hurt me, okay?

Doctor Who booties, care of rachelholkner. Thank you! They are getting a lot of use before he gets too big for them :)

Alexander and Grandma Carol.
This week.

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