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A funny thing happened...

I went for a part in a student mockumentory last week. It was about a sport called Senggol and they wanted people who could adlib and be spontaneous. I sent them all the usual details and and then added this in, for a bit of fun and to show them I could come up with silly bulldust -

Plus my grandfather, Gordon Oz, played Senggol way back in the early days when there were less rules to the sport. He was brutal, they used to call him the white terrier. The nickname came out of an early match where he won by calling his bull terrier and having it attack his opponent. There was nothing in the rules to say it was illegal, so he won the match. About a year later they added the 'no attack dogs' rule. Granddad said the sport went downhill after that, became too commercial.

So, I get an audition and the folks are really nice. We're chatting around and I read for a couple of parts and they ask me if I want to be the sports commentator. Yay! As we're chatting, suddenly one of them asks, in a halting way, if what I wrote about my grandfather was real or made up. I told them it was made-up.

The relief that washed through the room was amazing! I had thrown them into confusion - they were sure that Senggol was made up but then they get a guy talking about his family history with the thing and suddenly they just weren't sure any more. They started asking about, and researching again, trying to see if anyone else knew about this sport called Senggol, terrified that they'd have to make huge changes.

We all had a good laugh after that - though I think mine was still a less stressed one :)
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