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Let me tell you about Elves

Being one of Santa's minions in the lead up before Christmas is a big job. You have to represent the big guy as best you can. I actually find this pretty easy, 99% of the kids are wonderful, it's usually adults who are greedy, grasping and generally unruly.

I've had four elves over the last few weeks. Some jobs don't require them, some do.

My first two elves were Verity and Tennille in Melton. They made sure my first outing as Father Christmas was easy. They were fun-loving and good company and I've actually been fortunate enough to work with them four times. Tennille is blonde and pretty and wears a variant on a Kringle costume, it having shorts to show off her legs. Verity has auburn hair, is gorgeous and wears an elf costume, stripy socks, reds and greens and bells. Definitely Santa's sexiest elf, even in that outfit.
They both cared about the kids as much as I did and were pretty good company. We all got on well and it was generally a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Hope to work with them again at some point.

Then I had Talia on the first day of my Preston job. I'll be working with her again on Christmas eve. She was good natured and patient through that fairly trying day, including her having to carry around huge bunches of balloons, something that she has a fear of. She did really well.

And that brings us to my helper of the last couple of days, Larissa. Someone once described me as being like a hyperactive weasel on speed. They hadn't met Larissa. Once we're out in public, she doesn't stop bouncing, jogging, jumping, generally being a red and green whirling dervish. It's mind-blowing. And like me in my hey day* her energy is all natural. Not coffee, speed, chocolate or anything else. And it turned out today that she's mates with Verity and Tennille. Small world, kinda cool too.

These ladies have all made my job and the jobs of many other Santa's that much easier. Father Christmas is a great gig, the kids adore you. Elves get to do some of the background grunt work, have lecherous guys ask for the elf for Christmas and generally don't get the recognition.

So I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the elves of the world. Because Santa without his elves is just another big fat man in red.

Who brings presents.

And rides in a sleigh.

And is magical.

Ok, it was a crap analogy, but hey, the thanks are real.


* I'm much slower now, partially because I'm older, partially because I pace myself so I can keep going.
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