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Scary Movie 4

I had never seen any of the Scary Movies, and happened to notice in the paper that one was on TV tonight. So I watched it. Well, half of it.

It was exactly what I had expected - bland, stupid, telegraphed American humour with its only clever moments being more accidental than planned. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if it had had better actors. While the writing hadn't improved, the scenes with Leslie Neilson were by far the funniest.

They weren't hugely funny, they were just the funniest in the film.

I stayed watching past where I wanted to turn off, but just after the blind girl hit the guy in the knackers with her stick, I turned the TV off.

Now I know why I had never bothered previously with the series, and I need never bother again.
Tags: movies, reviews, unimportant but annoying, watching the crap so you never have to!

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