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First night home for Lex

* Sleep is a thing of the past

* Based on last night and the one before, Lex has decided, at this stage in his development, that the best time for his major feeds is from about 11pm onwards.

* Sharon cannot yet burp Lex.

* This is something that displeases him greatly.

* I have burped Lex successfully once.

* This pleases me greatly.

* I will be setting up DVDs for Sharon to watch while feeding late at night. So she had better not piss me off.

* I'm looking forward to when Sharon has enough expressed milk that I can feed Lex at night and give her a rest.

* Poor Lex, having to deal with his two inexperienced parents. We faff about getting all confused, trying to figure if the crying is gas, nappy, yet another feeding, need for attention, boredom, or a jolly game of "how long before they come over this time?"

* Mum was only woken by his cries twice, even though she's in the next room. We now officially
hate her.

* I have finally changed a pooey nappy. I am hoping this is the last time I feel the need to mention poo on my livejournal, unless he does something really remarkable, like passing a stool made of gold.

* So far we are keeping our natural good humour about all this.

* I don't expect that to last.
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