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Dot Points on the Day

* Sharon came home today. They needed the beds. Too many women having babies!

* I picked up the chocolate cigars today. They aren't super-delicious, but they don't suck, either.

* Sharon is well, but a little tired. Lex woke her a few times last night.

* I have had a hand in keeping Lex distracted so Shaz could catch up on all your comments and well-wishing on here, it made her very happy.

* Not that she was unhappy before

* Lex got his first trip in the Belwood. He was very restless and cranky as we strapped him in, but as soon as I started the engine he went quiet and was asleep before I turned the first corner.

* Kal licked his hand and was no trouble at all.

* Mum is still panicking every time Lex cries.

* Sharon has found the rocking chair to be a reasonable investment when it comes to feeding.

* I still have not had a poo-ey nappy. My previous observations were based on what I have seen over the years, and the constant reminders in the hospital.

* My first ever lullaby to Lex was Sixteen Tonnes. My second was The Money Song".

* I am enjoying these early, non-talking days. Every now and then when Lex is crying for the sake of it, I like to tell him "Harden the fuck up, Lex!
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