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Odds and sods relating to the baby

Just a bunch of bits and pieces, some of which I forgot to comment on yesterday.

* Text Message from Sharon last night - Meconium! And vomit. Bub is rather indignant at the indignities of a working digestive system ;-)

* During the labour, Sharon listened to the Space Capades CD twice. It was the only music CD she listened to.

* I rather enjoy laying back with Lex asleep on my bare chest.

* Sharon refused to let me name him William Hartnell Oz, even though I explained that that would make his intials W.H.O., which would be very cool!

* She also refused to let me name him Spuds McGinty.

* It feels weird to not be able to celebrate with Mitch and Mondy. I miss them very much. I would probably miss them less if I were better at keeping in contact with them.

* I have already had conversations with other adults that contained information about Lex's bowel movements. I am offically the parent of a baby.

* My mother has obviously forgotten anything she ever knew about babies.

* My mother was also rather surprised to learn I had changed Lex's first nappy. She is still dealing with the idea that I will be changing Lex. Apparently my dad never changed me.

* Sharon comes home Tuesday.

* I could happily photograph pregnant women all day long.

* Hespa will make a great aunty.

* I wish dad was here to see his grandson. I like the idea that he knows, but my logical brain tends to hold to the notion death is the end.

* I went out today and picked up three newspapers from yesterday to keep for Lex. I find the newspaper kept for me by my father fascinating to glance at.

* I am not riding my trike this week. Since I am already tired and I want to be in a good state to help out Sharon, I don't want to risk wiping myself out any further.

* However, I shall be going swimming tomorrow.

* My chocolate cigars are at the Post Office. This is good because Bill and Diane who work there would have been given one each anyway.

* I'm still tired, being stroke boy made the whole support Sharon thing extra tiring for me. Sharon is doing rather well.

* Lex's first episode of Doctor Who will be ep. 1 of Dalek Invasion of Earth. It's what I'm up to, and I'm waiting until he's home before I watch it. He will probably be asleep on my chest through it, but it counts.

* I still have to get an email written up to send out to people.

* We have finally decided that yes, his name will be Alexander, though we will pretty much always call him Lex. And never Xander.
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