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Health (& bike pics)

It's been a funny old year, from around January my balance improved enough that I've only used my walking stick in the house maybe 3 or 4 times for the year to date. That's pretty awesome. But as my brain continues to rewire itself in different interesting ways, it's also meant that I get snowed under by little things really easily.

Classic example of this is from post-Swancon. Basically got back and didn't really go near Lj except once or twice a week for maybe half an hour at a time. I couldn't read LJ and still have the mental wherewithall to get anything else done. Often mental tiredness equates to physical tiredness and vice versa, so on a given day too much dishwashing will leave me unable to read, too much reading will leave me too tired to sort, etc. I'm really having to pick what I put time into, and then if there's anything left afterwards, do a bit more or something else. It's also become a little more common this year to ask Sharon to read something and give me the short version, because the words become a meaningless jumble when I'm tired.

I still can't believe I was so lucky to have a good period at a con. One con out of five since all this began. Not expecting it to happen again any time soon, so will probably start to think I shouldn't go to cons again as it feels a waste of money. But then again, C5 is a must, and so is Swancon, so... *shrugs*

I am gradually getting more stamina, but the amount of spoons I have on any given day is often around the same - basically I'm seeming to be ble to do a bit more with the same amount. It'll vary a little depending on what I've been doing for the days before, etc. One example is that I'm only just getting back to normal for the first time since a few weeks prior to the rent inspection. Part of the problem there may be that swimming knocks the stuffing out of me, so that'd been preventing me from catching up on rest. I've certainly done better rest-wise the last two weeks where I skipped my Friday swim. Did any of that make sense? I can't always tell.

Of course, it's been annoying to use my available brainspace rebuilding the PC, but it needed to be done *sighs*

Talking to some people on the phone can still kill me for a few hours or the day, while others have no effect. There's no rhyme or reason to who will exhaust me and who won't, though generally I have the same reactions to the same people. Talking to Sharon on the phone drains me really quickly, and I've found in general the best thing I can do when talking to anyone is lie in a dark room. Less effort on multiple levels.

Of course once the baby comes along, things will get really interesting. My current plan is that unless I'm doing really well, I'll rest a chunk of the time the baby does. The non-resty times will be either houseworky stuff, or if I'm too physically run-down, then I'll do computery stuff. Initially it'll be a lot easier because it'll be Sharon and I sharing the workload once she's recovered from the delivery. I'm hoping to work on various coping strategies while she's home and have a basic idea of what is doable for my energy/concentration levels so I can figure out how to balance the baby's needs with other stuff that I need to do.

Interestingly, while riding the bike can be physically hard sometimes, like on hills, it's something I seem to be able to keep doing. That said, the 4km trip to the shops and back killed me both ways on Sat, whereas today I rode to swimming, practiced for 50min, then rode back. 10km with a swim in the middle and while I'm stuffed, I don't feel as bad as I did Sat. I could easily have gone for another ride on both days though.

And so to pics of the trike for the curious.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Here's the basic bike.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Here it is with the trailer in shot. You don't even notice the trailer's weight. It also makes a fairly ok shopping trolley :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And here's mum on the trike :)
No she doesn't ride it, but I had to get her to have a go on it.
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