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Have finally gotten all the programs uploaded onto the PC. It seems fairly stable apart from not wanting to shut down properly some of the time, which is a huge improvement on the overall functionality. Time will tell how it lasts on a PC that caused on old priest to proclaim it as EVIL, moments before he burst into flames and died!


Anyway, just thought I'd put up links to a few of my favourite handy programs. Most of these have free versions. I'm not saying these are the best out there, these are just the ones I've found that I've liked and used for some time. Figure some of you will know about a few of these, but for those that don't, some are worth repeating...

Spacemonger - A handy little program that gives a nice clean graphical representation of what's on a hard drive. Very handy for discovering where a chunk of your excess space has vanished to, etc. I tried the newer version, but for me it wasn't good enough to stick with, so I went back to the older version.

Wallpaper Master - About a year ago I posted up a whole bunch of wallpaper pictures that I use. And my wallpaper managing program of choice is this one. It allows you a fair amount of control over when it changes piccies, what directories you use, lets you assign ratings, categories, etc. I paid for the Pro version but the basic version is still rather good.

CDex - As I oh-so-slowly back up all my CDs onto my computer, this is my program of choice. It documents any problems with each track, you can set it to rip slowly and carefully on scratched CDs, etc. There are a few things that I wish worked better, but it's free and I've yet to have it not be able to handle a CD.

Truecrypt - Now admittedly, I don't have that much in the way of sensitive information to protect. However, I do have a few pictures here and there, either ones I've taken or ones that have been sent to me, of friends wearing less than normal. The last thing I'd want is for a guest to stumble across them, or to have them easily accessible in the event I get hacked. I found the program fairly straight forward and user friendly, but would have struggled more and made some silly mistakes if I hadn't carefully read the instructions first. It can also be set up to encrypt entire drives, so once Lex starts trying to get on the PC, my porn is safe from being deleted and replaced by pictures of the Wiggles. Oh, and my child won't get to see anything naughty either.

Picasa - I figure most people will know about this picture organising program. I'm not claiming it's perfect by any means, but it is pretty good and easy to work with, especially if you've lots of pictures.

Trillian - Another one where I paid for the full version. Basically lets me throw all my instant message programs together in the one melting pot. I try not to get on IM too often as it tires me out, but I do find this to be a pretty handy all-in-one prog.

ljArchive - I write a lot of rubbish on here, but not all of it is crap. Either way, some of it I want to keep. ljArchive lets me basically keep a copy of my entire journal on my PC. So if or when LJ finally dies, I won't lose all my stuff.

And that's it! Feel free to reply with your own fav programs, or to say 'nonono, that program is crappy compared to this one!'
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