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Some people never learn...

Sharon's pretty bright. She was certainly the quickest of my partners to be able to accurately guess where I was going with certain pieces of weird logic and silly jokes. But then some days she just doesn't think.

Conversation from earlier today...

Shaz - If Lex was born today, it'd certainly be an easy date to remember, eighth of the eighth oh-eight.

Me - Yep.

S - And we'd always remember when the olympics started too.

M - Well, always figured that'd be an easy one. The oh-eight olympics started on eigthth of the eighth.

S - Looks like Lex will born during the olympics.

M - Yep. I'm planning on buying that day's newspapers to hang onto.

S - Might get a day when Australia does well on the front covers.

M - Well, I hope it's not a day where there's hundreds of disasters. 'Look Lex, the day you were born, there were earthquakes, floods...'

S - Whatever happens, when he's born, I don't want to hear, "And it's gold, Gold, GOLD for Australia!"


M - You know, it had never even come close to occurring to me... (look of horror starts to appear on Sharon's face) But now...
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