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Sold Out Reviews [Sep. 20th, 2005|03:37 pm]
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Well, the latest Doctor Who Magazine turned up yesterday, with a review of Short Trips - A Day in the Life. After Matt Michael gives Andy Russell a bit of a kicking, he has this to say about my story -

Sold Out by Danny Oz is slightly feistier, and features the Sixth Doctor attending a murderous rock concert in cyberspace. Its brevity is its strong point - there are as many ideas in the story as in some on the recent novels and CDs - but it's not very interesting.

I ouched a little over the not very interesting but hey, he liked my ideas, so there's some give and take there. But then, he just names a run of stories and says that they're "just OK," before moving on to some of the stories that he thought were good. So all up, I came away pretty well.

As a side note though, I was rapt that on the review page they had a small pic of Colin Baker with the legend "The Sixth Doctor is off to a gig in Sold Out..." - I love Colin's Doctor and was really happy to have finally gotten to write a story for him, so this can't help but make me smile.

Looking around online, I could only find one other review that mentioned my story. Richard McGinlay had this to say -

I also enjoyed Danny Oz’s Sold Out, which depicts a logical extension of today’s hi-tech, high-spectacle rock concerts;

Glad you liked it, dude.

There aren't that many reviews of the collection around at the moment, hopefully more will follow. I feel sorry for Mondy though, his was one of the grouped OK stories mentioned in the monthly. He sweated blood over that story and I have to say, I think he did an excellent job. Fortunately the folks on Outpost Gallifrey have been kind regarding his story (even if the bastards haven't mentioned mine!) so that makes up for the review in DWM a bit.

For the record, Mr. McGinlay said this about Mondy's story, "the surprising and rewarding The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac, by Ian Mond, which tells its story from three separate points of view..."

This is nice, specially after he thought that Mondy and my last joint effort wasn't terribly readable. And he totally failed to even mention us in his review of the collection before that!

So Richard, consider the fatwa on hold for the time being.


[User Picture]From: angriest
2005-09-20 08:05 am (UTC)
Seethes with jealousy. But only slightly.

Congrats, dude!
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From: jblum
2005-09-20 11:10 am (UTC)
It's just plain comical how few reviews/comments there are about the short stories! About three or four people have commented on "Eternity" over the past few years, and my Iris story's got a grand total of two reviews so far. So you're not alone!
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[User Picture]From: sjkasabi
2005-09-20 12:45 pm (UTC)
Hey, go you! Another book I will have to pick up next time I'm in Minotaur....
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2005-09-22 01:52 am (UTC)
Well, I need to order more at some point, so I can always get them and that means I *have* to come and see you, and spend time in your delightful presence. *hugs*
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