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Verra tired. By now the subject of how swimming knocks me about is fairly well understood. I swim, and for that night and the next day I am way more useless than normal. Monday I rode the trike to Belco, spent an hour in the water trying to swim and breathe, ate a sandwich, and rode home. It's about a 10km round trip. But the swimming means it was way harder than my 'accidental' 25km ride the other day.

That said, it's worth noting that as wrecked as swimming tends to leave me, it wasn't really any harder on me riding home than to was riding there. Which surprised me greatly.

I'm also going through one of my insomnia jags. If I go to bed early, I only sleep 2 hours. If I go to bed late, I sleep from 4-6. *big yawn*

And have been using brainspace on getting comp running. Pretty sure I've got all my most often used progs installed. Will give it a few more days to make sure it's stable, then start moving files.

And I got heavily into the big discussion that started with my post on circumcision. Which was silly of me, really. Given that the reason I haven't been getting my 100 Days posts done is that I'm not up to solid chunks of writing, and if I do them I end up braindead and cactus, so you can imagine how many spoons that little post has chewed up!

But it's all good. Whether people agree with me or each other or not, they're questioning one another and having what they think questioned. Never a bad thing.

Plus I've actually started reading LJ again. Between Swancon and now, I've only barely glanced at LJ, mainly because I need to save my energy for things around the house. But the last two days I've actually read more than a couple of posts. So that's tiring me out, too.

Have to start forcing myself to rest. No good being pre-stuffed when baby arrives, and Sharon will have done enough to start with, so no excuse not to try and make sure I'm up to shouldering my half of the workload. It's one thing if I'm simply not physically capable, it's another if I've been silly and run myself down.

Oh well, that said, I'm off to snooze or rest for a couple of hours before swimming.

Tonight I am so taking the car... Probably...
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