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Snippets from life and my head

The computer rebuild continues slowly. There are issues still, but nothing I'm not used to.

I like rubbing Sharon's belly, but not because of the baby within. I like it because I've known Sharon's body for many years, and this is a new, interesting change. I've had pregnant friends offer to let me touch their stomachs, and it's the same. I think it's wonderful that they are pregnant, and find the whole baby-thing fascinating, but the appeal in touching their stomach is the firmness, smooth texture, and skin-contact with someone I'm fond of.

I took mum to Belconnen Mall yesterday so Sharon could have the house to herself for a few hours. Apart from the cinnemon doughtnuts, Mum whinged the entire time we were out, wanting to go home. When we got home, she thanked me for taking her out several times throughout the evening, telling me she had a lovely time.

I now have a kickboard, as I'm learning to actually breath while swimming. Still have yet to drown. Swimming still knocks me out for the entire next day.

Got to see X-Files movie for free. It starts off quite well, just a good movie, rather than a good X-Files film. However the last half hour gets so silly in places, that the audience laughed at several dramatic moments. Billy Connolly puts in a nicely understated performance.

The baby has dropped, so Sharon's tummy now looks as big as it did in those photos, but without her having to push it out.

I bought new long-johns! My first new pairs in twenty years. Thinking I should auction off my old droving pair on eBay, might be good for a laugh.

On Thursday I rode a total of 25km on the trike through the day. 4km in the morning to post off my parcels, the other 21km in the arvo. It would have only been 14km, but as I'm in Canberra, I got lost and rode an extra 7. Says a lot about the trike that I was even able to ride that much. This bodes very well for a possible future Nullarbor trip using the bike.

Babies swimming underwater still freak me out!

Watched Requiem for a Heavyweight and it's absolutely amazing. Brilliantly written, acted and directed. It was written by Rod Serling, who spent some time as a boxer himself, and it will break your heart. You can buy it at Big W for $13, don't read anything about it (including the back of the DVD cover) as the less you know, the better.

Having more issues reading, which is funny because I'm wanting to write more.

Sharon is going great guns. You wouldn't know she's ready to give birth any time in the next few weeks. Also, in all the time she's been pregnant, she's had precisely one and a half cranky days. Just felt like rubbing that in.

The hype about Dark Knight is justified.

Audrey Tautou totally wants me!

I've recently discovered that there are literally hundreds of thousands of men across the world trying to recreate their lost foreskins through various means. Anyone thinking of getting their son circumcised for reasons other than the solidly medical or religious, have a think about what your child may actually prefer, not what you want or think 'looks nice.'

Some time back I was swearing at my computer and mum asked what was wrong. I mentioned that it kept freezing up, and she said, "Well, it has been cold lately."

The last few weeks have really sapped a lot of my reserves, so need to take it easy for a bit. Except my hormones have decided that now would be a good time to start bubbling and demanding that I should be having lots of sex. *starts chewing furniture*

I shall soon have 18 inch, voice-controlled daleks for sale! Though what I'm really waiting on is the classic Dr Who figures range.

Even though I've literally been waste deep in liquid manure, I'm not looking forward to nappy changes. That said, I know within a few days of Lex being born, I'll think nothing of it.

I spent nearly half my new yearly DVD budget of $100 in Big W on Thursday. Dark City and Farscape - Peacekeeper Wars, plus special editions of Escape from New York, King Kong (Peter Jackson version), and Star Trek - Generations. I only have to buy First Contact now from the Trek movies. I refuse to pay money for the last two they made, though to be completest I'll record them at some point when they are on telly.

I have been deeply missing some of my friends recently. A quiet, solid, longing...

Will give mum the final word. A couple of months back I was making the point that she needed to keep her exercise up. I got Sharon and mum to stand against a wall, and mum's belly was noticably bigger. Mum's response? "I never hit you when you were a child." *grin*
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