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Preg Shaz Pics

Here we go, three piccies of shazgirl from last weekend.

I'm actually not very happy with these. They're okay, but not as good as I'd like.

As mentioned on Sharon's LJ, I also took a couple of nudes of her in the shower, because I thought she looked gorgeous. In fact I thought she looked so great, I asked if I could post them up on LJ. After the responses she got on her journal, she decided that yes, I could put them up.

Her main reluctance was the sheer size and scope of my friends list. So I've created a posting group for any nudes that I take in future, be they of her, me, anyone who volunteers, or any neighbours that forget to close their blinds.

At the moment it's made up of mainly women who have been, are, or are trying to get pregnant, trusted friends, folks who I know she's comfortable with, dirty old men in raincoats, teenagers who've paid me to see her boobs, and a few others. It was a very quickly thrown together list, so I may well have missed people.

If you think you should be on the list, or would like to be on the list, write me a private message through LJ and I'll see how she feels.
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