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Filming pics - Dudes of Doom Pt 1

This one is by far the biggest student film I've done. We had make-up, several locations and quite a few extras. I also played two separate roles! I'm missing a whole bunch of names on this one, so fill-ins would be lovely, thank you.

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The Brunswick Green, Sydney Road, Brunswick. We had a couple of rehearsals here, but it's also where our story starts. Colin (who plays Lemmy) is part owner of this fine establishment. It has tonnes of personality and character, and a beer garden.

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Another view. The place has lots of stuff wherever you look. Movie posters, toys, standees. It's verra cool. However, I didn't film any scenes there so let's move on.

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So, that's what's at the end of the rainbow... My first day we shot at Will Will Rock Pioneer Cemetery. I liked it, even though it was in Broadmeadows.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Here we have Alan as Ozzy, a make-up girl whose name escapes me, Angela (I hope she doesn't mind being up on here, but it's the only decent shot I had of Colin) and the aforementioned Colin, who was a major Godsend to the shoot. Location scout, driver, props builder and a fair actor, too. He's also a nice guy... hmmm... maybe that's why I only have one good picture, I don't want the competition!

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Our director spent the first two hours trying to get the perfect shot of this cross with the smoke around as the camera then moved to focus on Lemmy (Colin) and Ozzy (Alan). So it's a credit to his vision, and the hard work of his crew, that I got this shot. Thanks for making me look good!

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Alan and the long suffering James. He's another Godsend. Spent a large portion of his time trying to keep things moving, while at the same time making sure people were comfortable and looked after. Everyone on set worked bloody hard, but James just stuck out. Maybe it was the constant swearing...

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Behold! The Glory of The Living God!
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