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Ow! [Jun. 30th, 2008|10:24 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]


Ow! Bastard! Owowowow!

Well, that's likely to disrupt my plans for the day!

Worst thing? In amongst the nausea, pain, and leg weakness, my hormones are bubbling! Why?! I mean seriously, even if I had the opportunity, my skin hurts to the touch! Where would be the fun?! Stupid body!

Tell me of your good day, or weekend! Danny demands it!

[User Picture]From: drjon
2008-06-30 01:00 am (UTC)
Tell me of your good day, or weekend!

Migraine for the last few days. So you have my sympathies, if not my Shiny Stories.
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[User Picture]From: kattilz
2008-06-30 01:08 am (UTC)
was that you that sent me a text yesterday about your wedding anniversery. If so then happy anniversery for yesterday to you and Shaz.
It is a sad indictment of society that your gift was to fill the tank of your car. But can sympathsize been there down that.

Hope you both had a lovely day, we went and saw Brian Mcfadden live at the Rove studios and also saw Lenny Henry, Dave Hughes plus obviously Rove himself.
Big bummer not allowed to take pictures although if you happened to watch the show you can see us.


hugs to you both
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[User Picture]From: angriest
2008-06-30 01:34 am (UTC)
I had a horror cold all weekend that I've been unable to shift. Grr.

On the plus side, Sonia, Simon and I watched "The Stolen Earth" together which was fun. Then we went and watched the Get Smart movie, which is a much better adaptation than I was expecting.
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: arcadiagt5
2008-06-30 03:41 am (UTC)
Tell me of your good day, or weekend! Danny demands it!

Your wish is my command.

Well, this time at least: http://arcadiagt5.livejournal.com/156319.html
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[User Picture]From: possbert
2008-06-30 04:36 am (UTC)
Saturday I bought stuff and then watched Mission:Impossible series 4.
Sunday I didn't buy stuff but slouched about doing desultory housework before watching Mission:Impossible series 4.
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[User Picture]From: purrdence
2008-06-30 07:25 am (UTC)
I'll swap your migraine for my moving house and year 8 class...
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From: duntov_475hp
2008-06-30 07:33 am (UTC)
Wish I had some. trying to get banned from Deviant Art. Been visiting mom in the hospital with severe disorientation issues, shakes, memory problems, so on and she took a VERY bad spill at the hospital. Full on face plant, the entire right side ofher face is swollen and purple. (Fortunately aside from a mild concussion no broken bones.
I overdid the Camaro's ignition system and I have gone through 4 HEI ignitions which last about a mile before they 'splode. (Your little sled run with an HEI?)

The only good news is I beat Grand Theft Auto 4, good storyline and the end always is bitterswschweet.
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[User Picture]From: vegetus
2008-06-30 11:06 am (UTC)
I am at a conference where we are talking about humane education. I am meeting lots of interesting people. Finding out about new resources and networking for a job (there is one going right now in Melbourne).

Also the catering is tasty!

And I no longer live in Fiji.
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From: gutter_monkey
2008-06-30 12:02 pm (UTC)
I was up all night finishing two large backdrops for a friend's comedy show: a generic city skyline and a stylized version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both are 2.7m long and up to 1.5m high. They're made out of thick cardboard with wooden supports so they're not too heavy.

The big problem was transportation. I'd run out of time to make them in sections that would fit in a station wagon, and at nearly 3m long there was no way I could take them on the tram or even a train. I had to get them from my house in Brunswick to Trades Hall in Carlton, which was only 3km away.

The Scott solution was to leave for work a little early (without having gotten any sleep at all that night) and just carry the backdrops to the theatre.

There are several problems with this plan. One is that although the backdrops weren't really that heavy, they were awfully large and cumbersome. I bolted them together so that they were one unit which made things a lot easier, but it was still nearly impossible to find a way to carry them which was at all comfortable and wasn't cramping up either my back or my shoulder muscles. At the start of the trip I had to walk a block, rest for a few minutes, walk another block, rest again, etc.. But this was okay - I knew it was going to be a long painful trip but my friend really needed those backdrops for his show.

The other problem, and one which I hadn't bargained on, was that it was an incredibly windy morning. And I was carrying around what amounted to a decent sized sail. When the wind was only at a medium gust it made the backdrops twice as hard and twice as painful to carry, and when it was at a full guts they were impossible to carry. AT one point I had to cross a major road, and when I got to the other side the wind had me pinned down. I had to brace the backdrops against a street sign and it was all I could do to just hold on and keep them from blowing away (and potentially going through someone's windscreen and causing an accident.) After standign there struggling eith it for at least 10 minutes waiting for the wind to drop so I could move on I realised that the road was forming a corridor between two large flat empty spaces of land, so the wind wasn't going to drop. I had to just grip the backdrops as tightly as possible, lean square into the wind and slowly edge my way along until I passed the wind corridor and got to a more sheltered part of the street.

The other problem was that I'd sliced open the tip of my index finger when unpackign my new stanley knife a few days previously, and although the wound seemd to have closed over sufficiently before I set out, the death grip I needed to hold the backdrops against that wind popped open the wound. It wasn't just a few drops coming out either - it was pouring out. And I din't have anything on me that I could use to stem the flow (apart from sucking on it whenever I had a breather) so I was also gettin gblood all over the backdrops and myself.

Eventually I got to some narrower streets where the wind wasn't as bad, and I found out that if I balanced the backdrops on top of my head on a certain angle and gripped them in certain points it wasn't too uncomfrtable, and I had a pretty good control of it. But cardboard doesn't really stand up to that kind of pressure and my head was starting to push through, so I had to duck my head down and carry that 3m long slab on my shoulders. And so I trudged along like that all the way, got to the theatre, found someone to let me in the the room, unbolted the backdrops and put them in place, went to the bathroom and got my work clothes out of my back pack, checked my mobile ...

It had taken me nearly 2.5 hrs to walk those 3 kilometres, and I was going to be nearly 2 hrs late for work. I thought I might have been slightly late but I had no idea it had taken me this long. So off I ran, sweating like a pig, still bleeding and covered in blood, and my only excuse was "I had to carry a replica bridge on my back to a theatre".

Note: I consider that to be an excellent way to start the week. :D
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From: gutter_monkey
2008-07-01 03:51 pm (UTC)
Now with photo!

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[User Picture]From: pedanther
2008-06-30 04:22 pm (UTC)
My weekend got off to a good start on Friday afternoon at work, when I created a nifty thing. (Some years ago, a programmer visiting our office on some business expressed surprise that I, as a programmer in a workplace full of non-programmers, hadn't taken the opportunity to show him the latest nifty thing that I'd created. The truth was that I was but an egg, and had not yet created any really nifty things. But now, if he ever comes back, I'm ready for him!)

On Saturday was a gala concert to celebrate the centenary of the town hall, with dancers, and a highland pipe band, and two choirs, and brass bands from around the state (and one former member of the local brass band who came all the way from South Australia to take part). The various brass bands all played separately, and then joined together to do the finale, which consisted of three pieces: a concert march written specially for the occasion, a medley of music from Pirates of the Caribbean, and the 1812 Overture (without cannons - apparently they were called off at the eleventh hour due to bureaucratic stuff - but judging by the audience response it was fine without).

On Sunday morning, my alarm clock woke me: dididiDeet dididiDeet it went, which is practically the same rhythm as the bass line at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean medley, and suddenly the whole thing started up again in my head...
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[User Picture]From: rendragon
2008-06-30 11:24 pm (UTC)
Your text message yesterday was timed "just" perfectly. ;)

Weekend was full of ups and downs. Looking at building a house, but it looks like what we want will be too expensive. Spent most of Sunday just vegetating and then went for a cruise down the new tollway they've just opened here in Melbourne. It's very pretty at night.

As for the hormones bubbling, Mikee and I have a theory about that, summarised as "Dying! Must procreate!" - even if it's just a cold ;)
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