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The incredible melting Santa

Hello my dears, well Preston was a tough gig for all sorts of reasons.

A. I was given the wrong address to go to
B. So I started (and finished) late
C. It was 30-plus degrees
D. The job involves walking around pretty much the entire time
E. And many of the adults at Preston are incredibley rude and have no manners.

All up made for a very long, tiring day. But that's okay because the kids were still great, as usual. And that's what I love about the job. This is the only thing I've done that even comes close to giving me the same sort of joy I got from droving.

Preston has, without doubt, the rudest adults I've met so far. I'm handing out lollypops to the kids and the adults. The kids are almost all saying 'please' and 'thank you' and the adults are usually saying 'what about me?', 'where's my lollypop?, 'give me a lollypop, and the simple, direct 'lollypop!' with the hand held out expectantly. It's rare to get a thank you out of the buggers after you give them one, either. I actually tried replying to the demands with a jolly "What do you say?" and the response was often the direct "Lollypop!" again.

At least I know how to deal with the guys that were asking for my lovely Elf, Talia.

"Santa, you know what I want for Christmas? Your Elf!"
"Hmmm... I think she may be a bit much for you, best stick with what you know. I'll bring you an inflatable one..."

By the end of the day I was exhausted and dehydrated, even with the water I carried with me and drank through the course of the day. I sweated like mad, too, but fortunately on the rare occasions I sweat, I tend not to smell.

Got home late and so left late to visit Phil and Frances. I needed to shower and drink a fair bit before I was right to go. Needless to say my lovely wife Sharon did all the driving. It was a great night. We ate nachoes, talked about all sorts of weird stuff and watched the "Don't Open 'til Doomsday" episode of the original Outer Limits, which was very cool. The character of the old bride is over the top but in a nicely desperate and creepy way.

Phil also loaned me a handful of Residents Cd's. I love the Residents and have a lot of their early stuff on LP which I simply can't afford to replace with CD's. I'm hoping to do a panel on the narrative aspects of their work at Continuum 3 since so much of it has genre elements. It's so nice to have the chance to hear them again. I don't love all their stuff, I find some of their early stuff a bit too discordant, but some of their later work like the Mark of the Mole trilogy and God in Three Persons is interesting and insightful. Thanks Phil!
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