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Where did they come from?

So went to swimming last night. Was less about learning to swim, and more about redoing what we've been taught thus far, partially because our regular teacher Megan wasn't there. Gabriella's not bad, but I tend to think Megan's a better teacher.

So most of what we were doing last night was our basic kicking/sculling/floating. But it was constant. No real catch-your-breath and rest-your-limbs time once we started on the kicking and sculling. Which is fine if you're used to it. None of us are. And getting us to dog-paddle the width of the pool was a killer!

Normally after swimming is done for the night, I hang around for an extra half hour or so going over what we've learned. Last night I crawled straight to the spa and just sat for a quarter hour before crawling to get changed and driving home.

Today I have all these muscles I didn't know existed. I can't see any of them, but by jingo, I can feel 'em! Ow!

So who wants to come over and gently rub my aching limbs?
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