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Yes, I've been quiet. Partially been doing stuff, but partially having way more trouble reading and writing - I'm really having to pick where I'm putting my time, energy and concentration - so LJ is way behind in priorities of other stuff.

Interestingly, the drop in ability to concentrate on reading and writing corresponds with the marked improvement in my balance and stamina since January. I still crashed and burned post Swancon, in fact I still haven't fully recovered, though that's mainly down to not having put aside enough time to rest, but I'm only really using the walking stick when I go out, just in case. And the fact that I was able to walk the hour and a quarter to Belconnen, check out the shopping centre, visit the pool and sign for swimming lessons, come home and still partially function is great. I'm still stuffed from it two days later, but I did half an hours work on the shed yesterday, and took mum for a walk, and today I'm taking her down the bank using PT. I'm struggling, but I'm getting things done.

So yes, while my issues with reading and writing are getting more extreme, balance and stamina, two things I'm really going to need with an infant in the house, are kicking in really well.

In other news, as mentioned above, I've signed up for adult swimming classes. Kept meaning to do this for ages, and with Lex on the way, the time is now. In later years I don't want the situation of my child being in trouble in the water and all I can do is stand there and wait for someone else to help them.

The Belwood is due to come back from the panel beater any day now. We've had it in getting all the bits and bobs that needed doing to get it Canberra-level roadworthy.

Sharon and I went to our first ante-natal class on Monday. It was good. Every woman there looked way more pregnant than Shaz, but then most were more preggers than she. Plus Sharon is tall, broad, and has huge breasts that really do a good job of hiding her belly. Cate, the woman taking the class is great.

My computer woes are down to a manageable level. Confirmed that the problems with my main PC was the video card, so have chucked an old one in, and will buy a new one soon-ish. Now that the main PC seems to be running, I can transfer all my data off the laptop, and replace Vista with either Ubuntu or XP, possibly both. The bastard might run better than a ferret in an evening gown then!

Oh I have been enjoying the word challenge game on Facebook, and I'm playing lots of Scrabulous. It might be worth mentioning here that Facebook is what i do when my mind is too far gone to do anything useful. That said, the two Playfish games, Who Has The Biggest Brain and Word Challenge, I have found useful brain retraining tools.

Between computer woes and using my energy on other stuff, I've done nothing with the business, but hope to get things up on eBay again soon-ish. I have lots of DVDs and some cool new DW toys to sell :)
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