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Four days and a dead brain.

Well, today I got out of bed at six-thirty today, then had dinner. I wrote a bit, too. That was my day.

The last few days I've been working fairly constantly on a bunch of things. Between rearranging the garage, and finding I had to rebuild my bloody PC, I pretty much burnt myself out. I had other things I wanted to get done, but when I wasn't outside, I was working on the computer. So today it all caught up with me.

PC's been giving me more and more trouble, but I haven't been able to find a good time to actually solve the issues. But this week I was trying to research lamps, and build models, and it was getting nigh impossible. So a couple of days ago I set it up in the loungeroom, and watched all three Terminator films while working on it and waiting for installs to fail. The irony of mankind trying to avoid being destroyed by the machines, while I was wiping myself out working on the PC, wasn't lost on me.

Part of this is still the Perth trip. I didn't have the settle down and rest I had planned to have when I got back, then it was head down to Melbourne, then head back, and now this. I'm going to have to take things a bit slower for a week or two, until I'm a bit more rested. The ongoing tiredness is what's stopping me from posting/reading LJ - no concentration. Some of my big posts take three or four hours to write, and I've a huge backlog of things I've wanted to write about for months. It's rather annoying.

Did take a little time earlier in the week to rearrange my DVDs. Took a leaf out of a mate's book, and my DVD's now have three main sections - Movies, TV Shows, and Unwatched. It's a good way to curb one's desire to buy more DVDs, having an Unwatched section. It also got me to watch the Terminator flicks, something I'd had an urge to do since seeing the TV series, which I was surprised to find I enjoyed. Though whether I still will after a recent viewing of the original two and the abomination that was the third, I have no idea.
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