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The Devil went down to Melbourne

Last night, God drove the Devil home to his place on St. Kilda Road. It was an amiable enough trip, with a handshake and a goodnight and God totally failing to run him over when the Devil walked in front of his car.

Last night was rehearsals for a student film I'm in. A lovely bloke with a great character face plays the Devil, and I play God (and also a guy who is God's insane Prophet). It's fun. Last night I added in a line about the Prophet being a direct male descendant of his son, Jesus (though I pronounced it the Mexican way, Hey-zeus) and it got a good laugh, so it's in. Yay!

Last Thursday I was Fisherman 1 in a film by a young bloke called Thomas Kinsman. It may be worth remembering that name. That's a good piece, with a nice dark edge to it. I'll come back to this in another post because of a curious coincidence.

Last Saturday I auditioned to play a psychologist in a little superhero origin film. The psychologist is the most interesting character. To me, it looks like one of those ones where the writer has blinkered themselves to everything except what they want to achieve, and has missed the more interesting story. But that happens, and if I get it, I'll have fun. Played it very Hartnell, which they really seemed to like.

Tonight I have rehearsals for another student film I'm in. I play a Russian gangster. It's basically a shoot-out piece, but they are hoping to make it pretty stylish and cool, yet somehow they wanted me. Go figure! Tonight will be interesting. We're blocking out the action. There's almost no dialogue, so it's all down to our physicality. I origially auditioned for a non-speaking part, because I thought that would be the most fun, then they gave me the guy who gets a line (equal most dialogue in the script) but happily they've asked if I'd mind them dropping the line.

They've also asked me to talk to the two actors who are my lackeys. They want me to give them pointers on character movement since I'm so experienced... (breaks up in hysterical laughter)

And next week I play God and his Prophet. The Prophet is in full Brian Blessed mode, God is more of slightly dark, drug-addled dude. Don't know how it will turn out, but the script has a couple of really funny moments in it that I love. I think my favourite is the Devil being disappointed that the stuff he read in magazines isn't real.

And last night I got sent the best script I have read so far. I read it twice just because it was so good. It's a funny/sad little sci-fi piece and if it's filmed well it will be fantastic. I've got an audition for it in the next couple of days. Don't know if I'll get it but I want a copy of the film either way. This is the first one where I really want the role. But they need to choose the best person for it, and if that's not me, so be it. My enthusiasm isn't because it's sf, that's just the bonus. It really is a good little script. I hope this guy keeps writing stuff like this, because we need more decent writers out there doing films.

In between all this, I'm trying to get things ready at mum's so we can move in. It's a fun period though.


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