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I am heading to Melbourne for a few days... maybe a week... it's variable. Finalising a few things with the sale of the Noble Park house, last catch-up with a few people before Lex turns our lives upside down, last face-to-face with my suppliers for a while, etc.

If I fail to catch up with you while I'm in town, please don't take it personally. Actually, if you're that bloody sensitive, do take it personally and then learn to get over yourself :P

In other news, after 20 years of driving, I seem to have suddenly developed the trick of flooding the engine every bloody time I start the car! I'm utterly consistent, too. No idea what I've suddenly started doing differently. So if I have trouble starting the car when I'm with you, it's not the car, it's me :)

Danny go whoosh now...

Tags: belwood, slice of life, travel

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