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Squiggle News

Spoke to state library today, and there is both bad news and good.

Sadly, there are no Squiggle performances as such. From the sound of the lady I spoke to, they've had an awful lot of people ringing up expecting performances.

However, there are puppets on display! Having seen the puppets up close before, they're lovely. I'm assuming Mr. Squiggle will be there, of course. Hopefully Blackboard will be, too. I remember Norman saying that the reason Blackboard's face had such limited movement was simply down to not having time to get him finished before the show started, and then never getting around to doing any more to him.

It's open through the Library's opening hours, there's a children's drawing area, and a bunch of Mr. Squiggle clips on a loop.

Needless to say, I will be charging up all my camera batteries and will hopefully take many, many photos.
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