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Doctor Who Original Series 03 - Edge of Destruction

A short one

1.12 Edge of Destruction Pt. 1 - Edge of Destruction Written by David Whitaker, Directed by Richard Martin

Something has gone wrong with the TARDIS, leaving the crew in a state of confusion.

A bizarre episode, everyone is acting odd. There's no background sound and almost no use of music, making it feel even stranger. Susan's freakout with the scissors is still rather full-on, and both the Doctor and Barbara have great flashes of anger. The idea that something may have gotten into the ship and is hiding inside one of the travellers is sold creepily when delivered by Susan, with Barbara's reaction giving it some weight.

David Whitaker is a top writer, and knows that human drama is what carries things along, so he gives us plenty of that over the course of the episode.


"I know know who's responsible. You are! You sabotaged my ship!" - William Hartnell (Doctor Who)

1.13 Edge of Destruction Pt. 1 - The Brink of Disaster Written by David Whitaker, Directed by Frank Cox

The crew discover that they only have a limited amount of time left before the TARDIS is destroyed.

The second half settles the crew down and gives them a chance to figure out what the real problem is. But again it's the interaction of the characters that keeps the interest up.


"Originally, the machine wasn't at fault, we were. And it's been trying to tell us so ever since." - Jacqueline Hill (Barbara)

Edge of Destruction 7.5/10

In some ways it's a hard watch - the cast and crew seem so out of kilter and stilted that at first it's hard to know whether they've forgotten how to act - but the drama of them trying to sort out what is happening keeps things ticking along. The idea that the TARDIS itself is trying to warn them in its own limited way is rather good for the time.
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