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Buy DVDs ya Buggers!

I was going to put these up on eBay, but decided instead to pop them up on here to see if anyone on my friend's list wanted them first. They are all brand new, still in sealed plastic.

All bolded DVDs are still for sale, unbolded means the one I have on hand has sold. If you see something you like that's gone, I can order it in for you, though can't say when Roadshow will supply it.

I used Swancon's celebration of 70 years of BBC Telefantasy as an excuse to order in lots of old stuff. It's basically all stuff that I myself want. I order in the things I don't have, and if it doesn't sell after a while, I get to keep it.

So far this has back-fired dreadfully, as you can tell by the huge list of Doctor Who DVDs for sale. It's amusing in a cruel sort of way...

I can also order any of the older Doctor Who DVDs that have been released, and am expecting the new Davros Box Set (Genesis, Destiny, Resurrection, Revelation, and Remembrance of the Daleks for $130.00) within the next week or two.

Postage is extra, of course.  All comments are screened.

Doctor Who -

Time Warrior                                       $29.00

Planet of Evil                                        $29.00

Robot                                                     $29.00

Timelash                                               $32.00

Caves of Androzani                            $32.00

City of Death                                         $36.00

Hand of Fear                                         $32.00

Genesis of the Daleks                        $36.00

Inferno                                                    $36.00

Sontaran Experiment                         $29.00

The Invasion                                         $32.00

Survival                                                  $32.00

Arc of Infinity/Timeflight Box             $35.00

New Beginnings Box                           $65.00

Key to Time Box                                 $130.00

Doctor Who New Series 2 Box         $89.00

Doctor Who New Series 3 Box         $89.00

Films -

Stranger Than Fiction                         $25.00

Pan's Labyrinth                                    $36.00

Pick of Destiny                                     $36.00

Boondock Saints                                 $20.00

Mad Max                                                $22.00


Primeval Series 1                                $36.00

Day of the Triffids                                 $29.00

Chronicles of Narnia Box Set            $65.00

Casanova                                               $29.00

Tripods Series 1                                   $29.00

Life on Mars Series 1                          $50.00

Blake's 7 Series 4                                $90.00

House of Cards Trilogy                       $45.00

Andromeda Anthology                          $45.00

Quatermass Collection                        $37.50

Coupling Series 1                                 $20.00

Coupling Series 2                                 $20.00

Coupling Series 3                                 $20.00

Coupling Series 4                                 $20.00
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