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"Quest for Love", DVD thoughts and one slightly disturbing thing...

Quest for Love
Finally watched this 1971 film adaptation of the John Wyndham short story Random Quest. It's not bad. The major problem I have with it is the music, which is rather loud, and seems to stop and start like someone has their finger on the pause button.

All up, worth a watch. The acting is good, the story okay if a little predictable. Now I have to make the tough decision, do I keep it? Do I burn it out to DVD? I'm only likely to want to watch it once more in my lifetime, so what do I do?

DVD Thoughts
I have learned to curb my DVD buying in a rather straight forward way. I ask myself, honestly, do I think I'm going to want to watch this film four more times in my lifetime. If the answer is no, I don't buy the film. It's not a bad system, and it works. With many films I'm likely to know someone who has it anyway (if a video library doesn't) and if I don't, well, it's not a great loss. If I was only going to watch it once or twice, I'm sure I can live with not seeing it again.

I'm currently dumping my videos to DVD. It's a slow process. I have nearly 2000 tapes, but fortunately a portion of those have been taken care of by me having bought the relevant films (or season box sets). But then there's the rest...

The most effective way I've found for turning taped material into DVD's has around a 10 hour turnaround time. That's dumping it to rewritable DVD, dropping that onto the computer, taking out the adverts, re-rendering it back out and dumping it to single layer DVD.

This has helped me start to par down my collection remarkably quickly because it's a slow process. I'm now finding with some of the stuff I've got on tape that I'm looking at 10 hours where I could be doing another film and deciding that I don't want this film after all. Very handy.

It's the odd stuff that causes me hassles. Like Quest For Love. I don't think I know anyone else who has it. So if I want to watch it in the future, I either have to wait for the ABC to repeat it or I keep my copy. I'm only likely to want to watch it once more in my lifetime, but if that's going to happen, I'll need to keep a copy.

There are other problem videos, of course. Do I dump down Mork & Mindy? They've just released the first season to DVD in the US, but do I actually want to pay for it? I like it, it's fun, amusing, and occasionally insightful and clever, but now I have to decide - spend hours converting it, or spend money buying it... Or do I just throw out the tapes and never buy the box set?

There will be a lot of thought go into this sort of thing over the next year or so.

Lastly, had a major uber-geek moment while watching Quest For Love. It wasn't spotting Denholm Elliot and thinking about how young and in charge he looked when compared to many of his later roles i.e. Raiders of the Lost Ark. It wasn't Laurence Naismith from Valley of the Gwangi, Diamonds are Forever and a bunch of other stuff. It wasn't even Bernard Horsfall!

No it was sitting there, watching the movie and at some point I got distracted as my eye picked up on the quality of the film grain and I thought "Oh yes, that's right. This film was made in the early seventies." Then I realised the significance of the information that my brain had just processed...

I could recognise approximately when a British film was made by the filmstock!

There is no hope for me now...

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