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TV (and DVD and download) viewing

shazgirl and I have been working our way through various TV shows over the last three or four months, a season at a time, usually 4-7 episodes a week. arcadiagt5 loaned us Heroes Season 1, and lilysea loaned us a bunch of stuff, which we've intermixed with our own bought TV shows. So in recent times we've finished Heroes' first season, watched Wonderfalls, Jonathon Creek season one, Jeeves and Wooster season one (Chrissy prezzie for me from Shaz), and have just started on the first series of Hex.

I've also been catching up on things that Sharon... it isn't that she's not interested in most of them, it's that she's less interested than in the others. I usually know a few episodes in if it's a show Sharon will really enjoy.

So here are some quick thoughts on the stuff I've been working my way through these last few months -

Masters of Horror season two is variable but interesting. Some of the directors know that horror can be horror without gore, which certainly helps.

Smallville is treading water something shocking, though interestingly the changes they've made to Lana Lang have made her a character I can watch without vomiting every time she's onscreen now - they've given her a backbone - and it only took seven years! Smallville is an odd show. It's often mundane with moments that are inspired peppered about. The character work is often clumsy, but then they get some things so absolutely perfect. I'm still watching because I've seen it this far, may as well see how they finish it.

ReGenesis is good enough to keep me watching. It occasionally has the feel of the old Doomwatch series.

Journeyman I've seen two episodes of and... well... Quantum Leap managed to grab me a lot more in the same amount of time. It's not bad, just not quite good enough for me to bother with more without good reason.

Eureka's first season was fun and very entertaining. Some people knock it as being too 'kiddy.' So? Same thing can be said of the Muppets, but it was fun to watch too. What's wrong with family entertainment. It's not a brilliant show, but it is enjoyable.

Avatar - The Last Airbender is continuing to build an interesting universe, while carefully layering its characters, and developing its dark edge. Still occasionally annoys me, but 99% of the time, I love it.

Dexter season 1 is fabulous. Great main character, good story-telling, clever, funny and dark.

The Dresden Files is just barely managing to keep my attention. Entertaining but so far hasn't really sparked for me.

Q.I. (it stands for Quite Interesting) is a show hosted by Stephen Fry that is basically about interesting and/or trivial facts, with Alan Davies and range of comedians and actors on the panel every week. Highly entertaining and educational.

Supernatural I'm still loving. Good characterisation, fun stories that often have some very cool ideas, and consistently good writing. Just watched the Christmas episode and it was absolutely wonderful.

Samurai Champloo loaned to me by another friend, Cami, is just not grabbing me so far. I'm still giving it a chance because if I'd gone by early impressions on Neon Genesis, I would have missed out on some awesome stuff.

Torchwood - First season only had three or four episodes that didn't make me want start torturing small animals, but even then, I still wanted to threaten them. Season 2, first two episodes... They were more than watchable, I actively enjoyed them! They didn't use swearing and sex as a way to make the stories 'adult'. The team worked as a team, and appeared to have more than a single braincell between them. It says a lot that I'm looking forward to next week's episode, though that said, I don't trust them to consistently write a good series yet.

Stargate Atlantis first season is good dumb fun. It's Boy's Own Adventure material, with some enjoyable characters into the mix.

Masters of Science Fiction is, overall, fairly good. The first two episodes especially rock. It got screwed by the network, so only four of the six episodes screened, but apparently the last two have now been shown, so have top track them down.

Most of these I've caught up with while resting from Santa-ing, taking a break from sorting, due to insomnia, or in the cases of things like Eureka, Dresden Files, and Stargate Atlantis, while I've been doing other bits and bobs.

I do need to get back to watching the first season of Twilight Zone again though, that consistently blew my socks off. Main reason I haven't been is that I like to be wide awake to drink in its yumminess. It's not a show to be appreciated properly if one is a little tired or distracted.

So what are you watching, and why?
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