April 11th, 2012

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Things we all should learn or remember to do... Pt. 2

I've had a number of people tell me in the last few days they were looking forward to part 2, as they enjoyed what I had to say in part 1.. I've had it written all that time, just haven't found a gap big enough for me to look it over to do a quick final edit.

But as I'm off to Melbourne again tomorrow for a funeral, I figured I'd chuck it up tonight.

So here we go, some more things we should all learn to do better, with too much info for some folks, because i always try to lead by example... Collapse )

Off to Melbourne yet again...

Leaving later than I'd like, of course. And in the latest news, my favourite aunt has been in hospital with fluid on her lungs (but she's out now and ok), and mum is being tested for cancer.

So, March, I apologise for the abuse. The problem obviously wasn't you, it's this whole sodding year, at least so far.
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