March 30th, 2012

Travel 2

Swancon, the March of Suck, and hopefully a good wank.

So, most of you know, this year so far has been a bit yuck. March in particular has sucked, and the most recent trip down to Melbourne is the worst travel experience I have had.

And I've had a couple of real beauties!

Short version of Melbourne trip Collapse )Believe it or not, that is the short version. I've missed out lots of stuff, most of it bad, but with a couple of nice bits. I think my fav was TLex dancing to buskers in the city, and GodZoe having her first taste of Peppermint Ice Cream.

Anyway, should be at Swancon. Because life has been atrocious and busy and generally blah, am only on one panel, the Classic Doctor Who Panel on season 22. Been happily digging up lots of stuff on what was happening around that time - hoping to get a few people to realise that poor ol' Colin would have been a great Doctor, if only he'd been allowed to be.

On the plus side, the lack of panels will leave me free to do what I found to be the highlight for me last con - grab people, drag them back to my room and have some really good one-on-one chats with them. Also, if anyone decides that they think I would be good as a last minute addition to a panel, I'm going to be reasonably free.

I owe Brendan an apology too. He asked for ideas on how to run a Survivor Apocalypse style show - It was a hard one to figure, but eventually sleeping on it over a week or two gave me several ideas of how to make it run. Unfortunately I never managed to get back to him with either the ideas or potentials runners. I was going to have to run it actually, which was a shame because I would have liked to have been in it, but I couldn't think of anyone to run it. It's a tough gig, and I wouldn't want to dump someone in the deep end just so I can have the fun of playing. And it would have needed a repeat of last year's Whose Line style panel a day or two before to give new folks a chance to try their hands at improv, so we could then use some of them for Apocalypse.

See? I got the basics figured on getting people for it, and the rough set-up is in my head, I just never communicated any of it. Which is about as useful as a chocolate coffee pot.

So, sorry I let you down, Brendan, and sorry all those who would liked to have seen it.

Anyway, that's where things are at. I'm stuffed, and Sharon will be at work tomorrow for a long day, so it'll be me and the kids and mum again - although we'll be home, which is nice. And TLex has a birthday party to attend on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that.

Next bit is TMI. Collapse )