March 24th, 2012

Alex says come here

Why yes, I am eligable for a Ditmar nomination...

I don't normally push my stuff come award time, but this year I figured stuff it, I've written a couple of things I'm happy with, and a few other things folks seemed to like, so what the hell. Plus, I have to learn to actually not hide away my work.

So, here are some links to a few bits and bobs... Most are long-ish pieces.

The Man the Doctor Built - About the effect Doctor Who has had on my life.

The Why of the Daleks - Explaining the popularity of the Daleks from a historical perspective.

On The Importance Of Saying Nice Things - The title tells you what it's about, and it should be obvious, but it's not. I talk more specifically about unpaid volunteer situations.

It's Not The Size, It's How You Use It - On the poor use of scale in both a visual and a story-telling sense in films and on TV.

The Viewing of the Lost - On ways to access and experience missing episodes of Doctor Who. Are you noticing the subtle recurring trend? That's right, they're all written by me!

As usual, I'd rather you read the stuff and nominate because you like it, than nominating just because you know or like me. And if there are other Aussie writers you like more, please nominate them instead! I'm not precious about awards as a rule, and I've won a few Ditmars in the past, so it's not like I'll get weird if I don't get nominated.

For a list of other eligible nominees and works, you can go here. Feel free to add my name to the list, too!

If you've had a look through and feel like nominating me in the Best Fan Writer category, go here before Friday 13th of April, 2012.