March 9th, 2012

Serious Thoughts

Things we all should learn or remember to do... Pt. 1

Normally around the 1st of April I do a post talking about where I am health-wise. I try to get the post out around April first because that was the first day of the two-week migraine six years ago that became my faux mini-stroke. This post may end up replacing that one. Have to see where it leads. I'm very much a stream of consciousness writer at the moment.

There's been a few deaths this week. An acquaintance, a couple of actors I like, and I just learned that Rusty Hevelin passed away late last year. I only met Rusty at the 1999 Worldcon, but the very short time I spent with him I was blown away by what an awesome person he was.

It's been said that the age at which we finally start to get life worked out is the age at which our bodies start to fall apart. The problem with humans is that we tend to learn things too late, if we're lucky. Sometimes we never learn.

The mini-stroke was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes, it took some things away from me, but it also got me moving on some things that I'd have never done, and got me thinking in new ways. I honestly can't imagine who I'd be now if I hadn't had the stroke. Despite the things I lost, I think I came out ahead overall.

So, there follows a list of things that I think we all need to learn to do. Yes we. I also need to learn to do some of them more often or better, because I still fall down on them as well. Some of these are post-stroke lessons, some are things I learnt over the years from my own experiences and mistakes, and some are from watching other people regret stuff and miss the joy.

That's right, it's going to be another over-long, stream-of-consciousness, self-indulgent and occasionally hypocritical piece featuring Danny talking from the mountain. Will feature way too much detail about my personal life, thoughts, and is likely to be one of those posts some of my relatives will wish they hadn't read.

Will also seem repetitive at times, because while some things might be similar on the surface, they are actually subtly different.

You have been warned... Collapse )