March 2nd, 2012


Photos, Who3D, and Gallifrey One, oh my!

Well, that got me moving.

@TheTomNix on Twitter started trying to organise @knuckle_salad and I to go to Gallifrey One. He was even offering for front up the pre-registration fee for us and we could pay him back later, which was lovely.

So it got me thinking about it.

I've now written to the con, to tell them about Who3D's involvement with BBC Wales Research and Development to try and bring back a 3D animated version of the series way back in 2002. I suggested that maybe they should fly Cliff Bowman over as a guest to talk about this unwritten piece of Doctor Who history. I also suggested that if they wanted two of us, given that I did a lot of work on scripting, series direction, and developing storylines, I'd be honoured to attend.

I doubt they'll go for it, but I've lost nothing in approaching them. If they just get Cliff over there, I'll be happy. That project nearly killed Who3D. We all burned out in various ways. I've never really returned to 3D modelling despite numerous attempts. It would be nice if Cliff got the recognition he deserved. He's an awesome bloke.

But it did get me thinking about ways to get over there. My insane, brilliant, and probably doomed scheme to try and make some money would require a lot more work before before it was ready, even though set-up costs would only be $100-200. And getting that groundwork right would be important if it was to have any chance of working. The important thing with that one was that while there's only a small chance of it working, it's not been done, and I'd have a ball doing it.

So, how else to make money? Collapse )