February 26th, 2012

Serious Thoughts

Shouting at the Ignorant!

A first, very different draft of this was written way back around Oct/Nov last year. I call that draft the Button Rant. I've seen several examples of what I was ranting about between then and now. In all likelihood, so have you.

Tonight though I suddenly came up with an analogy of just how horrible what so many people are doing is, so this grew out of that.

Yep, it's another three or four hour post keeping me up way too late.

There's some bully-based triggery stuff in this post. I don't normally bother prefacing a post with such warnings, so many people have so many triggers that you're always going to miss something that seems obvious to others. But I made myself feel uncomfortable and a little ill with the first chunk of stuff I'd written, so it's probably worthy of a warning.

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