February 8th, 2012


Twitter Mini Stories 03

Yes, a whole bunch more. 33 in fact. Will slow down soon. I'm starting to develop favourite characters. Also, one of these has deliberate subtext. Like subtlety, I don't do subtext, the sleeves are too long and I don't like the colour. It's pretty obvious, hey it's my first. Collapse )
Group Intellect

What to do about the Mini Stories

I've had a lot of Twitter replies, DMs and SMSes suggesting I should do something with the mini-stories. I wouldn't seriously consider doing anything with them until I had a lot more under my belt.

That said, I'd be interested in suggestions from you folks as to what I could do. I have one or two ideas, but many of you have unique perspectives and ideas that I would never have thought of, so I'd welcome your ideas in the comments.
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