February 3rd, 2012

Rod Serling & books

Twitter Mini Stories 01

Still struggling to write at the moment, and averaging 2-4 hours sleep a night at best for the last few weeks is no help either. Due to the sleep deprivation, or maybe the reason for it, my brain has been bubbling away and I've been Tweeting lots of little stories. Many of these would never go beyond the idea phase, but with Twitter I can present the core idea, or the feeling I'd aim for, and it's done.

I often wish I had just 20 characters more. I know there are ways around this, but I like working within the 140 character limitation. Putting them here, I've formatted some to make them clearer but made no other changes. The temptation to correct or add a an extra word was huge!

Anyway, there's 35 below the cut. Many are a bit dark, because I'm over-tired and angrier than normal. Collapse )