October 17th, 2011


I'm having a good few days

I've actually achieved a couple of things, and am inordinately proud of the fact. I still have a dry cough and an intermittent sore throat/ear ache but I've actually had some energy. This means I'm either getting better, or I'm about to get really sick, since I often find I have a significant energy spike before ending up crook as a dog.

Anyway, I've actually been achieving stuff for the first time in month.

I've built a small bookcase from scratch to go beside the bed on my side. I still need to putty the holes and sand it and paint it, but given it's the first piece of real wood working I've done since I was in school, I'm fairly pleased with it. A few fairly small errors that I know are there but aren't obvious. The thing I'm most pleased with is that I managed to overcome my anal retentive nature and obsess about the errors.

Once that is done, I want to build a Tetris bookcase for the kid's room. Then I have a couple of other projects to work on before I attempt a small generic 60's style Sci-Fi control console for the kid's room.

Got a couple of minor gardening jobs done. Hooked up hoses and reels, helped plant a pair of nectarine and granny smith trees in the front yard, that sort of thing.

I've been tentatively trying to write again, which feels like a big deal post stroke. Have tried a couple of times before but this feels slightly more hopeful. Would be nice to write fiction again. Also started an LJ piece on the massive influence Doctor Who has had on my life. The only painful part is I've never been able to write with other people hanging around, so I only get to work on stuff after everyone goes to bed, which is always fairly late. But it's happening, at least.

And today after my chronovore offspring had their usual feast on my morning, I got mum to watch Godzoe while I took Tyrannosaurus Lex outside and he 'helped' me with cleaning out some of the shed so that I could sort and rearrange stuff to turn it into a more workable space. While he was in the way and painful for large parts of it, he actually did a great job of tightening some screw on a desk and putting the drawers in. Plus I got to show him my old nautical telescope, and a daddy longlegs spider.

On one hand, I wish I'd been feeling this good the other week when Sharon's mum came to visit - I would have achieved bucket-loads instead of almost nothing. On the other hand, it was good to have someone else here while I still felt fairly crap and run down.

Sp that's where I'm at today. Tomorrow or next week may be crap, but for the moment I'm pretty darned pleased.